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Expected release date is Nov 14th 2021

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hey!! so here it is, preorder if so you can get the size and color you want!! if you dont preorder I cant guarantee Ill have it!! NOTE preorder wont ship for awhile so if you want things shipped today do not ad it to the presale order

HOT PINK!! look like a straight up playa for sure!!

ALL BLACK!! so sophisticated!

RAINBOWS!! Do you think you got what it takes?!! Do ya??!!

Artwork by immortal choke!

All sales of the rainbow rashie go to support LGBTQJitsu in their misison to promote BJJ and provide places for people to roll! Local and worldwide!


Designs may change slightly during produciton but this is the heart of it. Im shooting for an end of october early nov date, it takes about a month to get things made. Presale is for two weeks!