FightBack + Terpenes, Ultra Broad Spec Terpene Blends, Featured Flavors!

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NOTE: If you select "Featured Flavor!" for SUBSCRIPTION you will likely get the posted variation the first month but due to the limited availability it will be different month to month!

Small Batch, Handcrafted in Austin Texas. We believe in our products. We support our community. Limited!

Everything awesome about the  Original Fightback but added Terpenes! Terps are the essences of plants and what give cannabis strains their distinct effects and flavors. This is often called the "entourage effect" when talking about CBD products. Regular FightBack Oil also has terpenes but when hemp is turned to distillate you lose terps in the process. These oils are packed and will have very distinct flavors! Unique and they taste freakin awesome too!

WHAT IS ULTRA BROAD SPECTRUM? It is an oil that includes a much higher level of active cannabinoids that other sublingual oils. This includes CBG, CBN, and CBC! The yields vary from 1-4%, just depends. It is a more expensive procedure for me but no cost to you! GET IT! This 30ml bottle contains over 600mg of CBD  plus other active Cannabinoids. RAD!!

Grand Daddy Purple: GDP terpenes are one of our best selling items and these are the best Granddaddy Purple terpenes that you're going to find online. The Granddaddy Purple strain is a legendary indica that packs a skunkberry stench with heavy notes of Ocimene and Myrcene with hints of Linalool and dozens of others. This is one profile that we recommend all of our new customers start with and if you haven't ordered from us in 2020 we highly recommend you try this version out.

Featured Flavor! BlackBerry Kush: Blackberry Kush has been reformulated to exhibit a bolder blackberry jam aroma. This profile has a very natural level of fruity/berry notes that are balanced out by the caryophyllene, humulene, fenchol, myrcene, borneol, ocimene and linalool. The earthy base and berry top notes are brought together by lighter notes nerolidol, bisabolol, citral, terpinolene, nerol, alpha pinene, beta pinene, limonene, and farnesene as well as several other trace amounts of other isolates.


Note, these are THC free, the descriptions describe the terps and strains!

FightBack is made with whole plant, broad spectrum THC Free distillate and not CBD isolate. Our dropper is conveniently marked for dosage measurement. You will not fail a test. This formula is made to be taken sublingual.  Ingredients: Hemp Extract (Ultra Broad Spec THC Free CBD Distillate), Terpenes, C8/C10 mct