I definitely do wholesale for gyms and teams! Hit me up. It's an easy sale and a benefit to the students. I have tiers of pricing at 10/20/30/40/50 etc and am super easy to work with.

I can also make "white label" products for you if you want to brand it yourself or even co brand it with mine and your gyms logo!

You will not find a cheaper option in this market, anywhere, for the MG per bottle and the quality. Period. You just won't. Don't believe the hype, lies and BS in this industry. I'm not in this to get rich quick. I'm in it because I'm a member of the BJJ community too. I just want to help people and put out good products.

I always believe in doing the next right thing and stand by my principles. If I say it, I do it. What you see is what you get, no bullshit!


 Contact me on these methods. Instagram is probably the fastest. My email is fightbackcbd@gmail.com