I started this company with the intention of helping people living in recovery find wellness and stay involved with BJJ or other combat arts. I have big dreams but those things take time. Stick with me on this journey and we will all grow together. In the meantime I can offer discount codes for our products. I am not going to ask you to verify or apply for anything. In order for me to track things I have these codes. They are all for 15% off ($6). I changed it too so its all the same code lol "friend" For people in recovery from mental health and substance use or any illness or disability please use the code "friend". For combat veterans living with PTSD and their family members please use the code "friend". For first responders, EMT, fire and police please use the code "friend". For social workers, counselors, case managers, peers and other people working in pubic health nonprofits use the code "friend".   It would be nice if you can drop me a message on social media or in an email. I want to hear your stories. Thank you.