About Us

FightBack is not just another cbd company. I started this company with purpose. I believe  CBD can be crucial for post training recovery for combat athletes. I believe that combat sports can be help people recover from mental health and substance use disorders. I have seen it! I'm living it. FightBack's purpose is to generate funding to help people who are recovering from mental health and substance use disorders. So, a portion of the profits will be used to provide BJJ scholarships for people in recovery. I want to help people become engaged and stay engaged. As I grow I really want to be able to do more and more!! I'll buy you a gi and get you started for free! FightBack-GiveBack. People in recovery, please contact me to find out about scholarship opportunity.  If you always wanted to try BJJ or MMA, hit me up! Gym owners please contact me to become an affiliate and help the cause! Use the Contact Us page to tell me what I'm doing right or what I can improve on. -Justin